A Word To The Wise…


It is true that most of us have stories and wish we could share them with the world. The truth is: I was one of those people dreaming each day and night of writing. There are two major obstacles: ourselves and the publishing industry. I decided to write about this topic because I have some good news to share with you all. You see, this is the year 2012, not 1990s. There are more resources today, more than enough to be exact, to enable you to do almost anything you want. Keep reading.

As I said earlier, we have stories inside us but we never write them. For those who have tried writing only to be rejected by literary agents, there is good news. Self – publishing is almost FREE now. I will share with you some of the best resources out there before the end of this blog. Now that publishing books is no longer a problem, the only problem is the writer. The question to ask yourself is this: Can you start writing, continue writing and finish writing your own book without giving up? Did you know you can write a whole book in a month? Of course you don’t have to do that. But can you set a side time to work on a single chapter, say, each week if not every three or four days? Just commit your time to it and you will make it.

Here is what I did: I bought a couple of pens and one writing book. I then broke down my book into respective chapters. Finally, I started writing, a chapter per sitting. In no time, I was done. All I was left with was editing. Here is where many new writers run into problems. If you can afford an editor, hire one, especially when you are not ready to hear your family members or friends criticizing your work. Edit it, as much as possible. Remember that you are not perfect. Don’t kill yourself trying to polish your grammar.

When your writing and editing is done, visit Createspace and read the instructions on how to submit your book for publishing. It is free. I only had to spend $6.99 for my proof copy. They do all the work for you, including listing on Amazon and other websites. You know what follows: royalties. So, stop waiting and starting making money today through self – publishing. Anybody can do it. You can do it. I did it when I was writing My Life Sentences and Across The River and I know you have it inside you. One more thing before I close this post, you retain the rights to your book and can publish it anywhere else as it pleases you.  So, good luck. Share your book(s) here and I will read them! You can watch my video tutorial on book formatting below this post. Thank You!

3 thoughts on “A Word To The Wise…

  1. Thanks for this post. Writing a book is something I’m thinking about but have no idea when or how, certainly the thought of getting published is a scary one, I’ll have a look at the site you suggest, it may well be just the answer I need. Thanks again.

  2. I am so glad you liked it. When I wrote this blog post I didn’t know you were going to read it and feel much better about your writing adventure. If you need anything, any help, please let me know. Thank you for reading it!

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