Why I Chose Computer Science Over Medicine


Every time I sit down to write a simple program, I prepare myself for the obvious: bugs! If you have no idea what type of bug am alluding to, don’t worry because it is not a bedbug. One day I was told by a friend of mine that if I have never spent three hours trying to locate a missing semi – colon in my code, I am not a programmer yet! I was not surprised at all. So, simply put, a bug is anything that makes your program do things you didn’t intend to.

Back to my topic! Honestly, I started using computers – and that means sending emails and using Microsoft Office Programs and writing code – after finishing high school. Initially, my parents wanted me to be a doctor and that was when I had no idea what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’. All it took to make up my mind was a mention of Computer Science by one of my high school teachers. I loved Physics and Math and so I found computers quite interesting. Just to clear the air: by the time I finished high school, our school had no functioning computer! Yeah, when other schools in other countries had it all covered!

Computer Science and Medicine have several things in common: most of which I will not talk about here. One, they are both sciences and two, they relate to each other in a really great way. In short, computer science has helped in shaping medicine and the need for better medicine has caused an advancement in computer science! So they obviously depend on and benefit from each other directly or indirectly. There are a bunch of differences and that brings me to the reasons why I chose Computer Science!

I knew from the beginning that doctors made a lot of money. What I didn’t know was how tedious and stressful it was to be a doctor. I probably still don’t know how stressful it is because I am not one of them. The other problem I couldn’t get over with was the time it took to study, years and years of college education. The cost, unless you live in countries that offer free education, is unbelievably high. If that is not enough to make you think thrice, then you are supposed to be a doctor! Go for it. There is more to it than I probably can tell!

Now, here is the reason why I chose to go with Computer Science: I loved it. I still really love it. What is funner than firing up your computer, writing several lines of code and ending up with a solution to a problem without having to lose your life? It feels great to pat yourself on the shoulder when no one is looking. Well, I would rather write code than eat chocolate. I know programming is not easy but nothing is easy! That is why I will always stick to it. If you are struggling with deciding what you want to do, try Computer Science, you will find your place after you have seen how much it takes. Of course without medicine, we would all be in trouble, or maybe not! So good luck with your career, hang in there. You will be fine doing what you love most, and remember that it is not always about the money! Thank you for reading!

You can read more about my views at My Life SentencesĀ  and take care of yourself!

6 thoughts on “Why I Chose Computer Science Over Medicine

  1. thanks for the simple deep sentences.
    me too i like computer science, i think it helps me to understand very well the real world and my personal life (it’s really like a very complicated program) good luck

    • Thank you for sharing because I am so much interesting in Android myself. Yeah, I know deciding what to do in life is not easy. Some have the courage to do so while others don’t. Good luck!

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