Let The Sleeping Dogs Lie….No!


They say that if you see a dog sleeping, just let it lie or else you might get bitten and once bitten, twice shy. I have a sad story to tell. It is about my dog. His name was Jimmy and I cannot explicitly explain the reason why I named him Jimmy except because that name was famous in the dog kingdom. At the end of this tale, you will tell whether I did enough to show that I loved animals or not. Move on!

Almost seven or eight years ago, [I still lived in Kenya], I had a dog that as I have come to realize, loved me more than I knew. The biggest problem is whether I reciprocated that love back to him or not. Honestly, I didn’t see to it that I was obligated. All I needed[I thought] was to feed him and at least play with him at home(once in a while). As most dogs did in our community, he spent his nights outside and nothing seemed wrong with that idea.

Every evening, I came home tired either from work or school and he did his best to embrace me. He jumped so high as if to give me a pet’s hug! All I did was push him away from my clean clothes and exhaustion. Today I wish I hadn’t done that. It is a sad feeling inside me looking back and knowing that he wouldn’t have lived forever, after all.

We had great moments together. Sometimes, he showed his skills[or tricks as they call them] to me. He protected our family from every danger. Once in a while, I would walk with him around the neighborhood[not in a leash], pick up stones and throw them as far as I could and he did not fail to run after them. He played his part, he surely did. I feel like I didn’t give him what he deserved and yet I honestly did not mean to isolate him.

With a single whistle, he showed up barking like a fighter. It is true that you don’t know the value of what you have until the day you lose it. Jimmy is no longer alive. This story has been inside me for a while now and I couldn’t keep it any longer. I felt like sharing might help calm me down. Everyday I see other pets, I wonder if they are indeed getting what they deserve – the love they so dearly need. I hope they don’t feel censored!

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