Some Of The Biggest Things In My Life


When I was in high school, I often heard my teachers talk about goals and dreams. They told me how the sky was the limit and pushed me as hard as they could towards reaching there. It didn’t take long before I started seeing what they really meant. So what are dreams anyway? It is not easy to answer this question. It takes more than just what we do in life to confidently say that a dream has come true. On the other hand, what doesn’t make for a dream? Let me tell you about my account!

First, I want to start with what I consider one of the best things I will have done in my life by the end of this week. On Saturday[tomorrow], 28th 2012 at noon, I will be appearing on a radio show in Kansas City Missouri. There is good news for my loyal readers and followers: you can tune in and listen to the interview. One way to do so is through local radio KPRT 1590 [AM] (Amplitude Modulation) from 12:45pm – 1:45pm CST and the other way to tune in is by clicking GOSPEL 1590 AM KPRT at the same time as above [12:24 – 1:45pm CST]. Doing so will enable you to stream the interview LIVE. Please remember to tune in! Thank you.

The reason why I consider the above a milestone is simple: I never in a million years thought or imagined myself being on Radio and talking to thousands of listeners. Such an opportunity hardly come by. The other parallel reason why I will be appearing on radio tomorrow is to promote my book MY LIFE SENTENCES – A TRUE STORY.

Now back to dreams. I am thinking of dreams as things you get to do in life whether they are small or big. I think it depends totally on your expectations. For me, just writing my first book [which not so many people can say they have but wish they had], having a family and a community that appreciates me, being interviewed tomorrow, all mean the world to me. I ask myself one question: If I cannot appreciate and see these little things as dreams that have come true, how will I see bigger things as success?

The fact is that I know, you too, have dreams that you want to see come true. What is my advice? Keep going after them, if you believe in them. Watch out, because it is easier not to see them especially if you expect bigger things. Good luck! Thank you for reading my blog. Stay informed and joyous. Remember to Tune In Tomorrow!

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