Real Decision Points – Politics At A Glance


As I start this post, I would like to ask you: are leaders born or made? This year will mark a new beginning for some nations especially politically. I have always paid a certain amount of attention to what is happening both in Washington[USA] and Nairobi[Kenya – my birthplace]. I know some people would rather ignore politics than be concerned about it. I would rather have an idea, even though most of them are lies.

Before the election date was changed in Kenya from December [after every five years] to supposedly March, the United States and Kenya would have been holding their elections around the same time. Here in America, Republicans are doing all they can to make Democrats look like unproductive people. The Democrats on the other hand are working so hard to prove that the Republicans are out of touch with the American people. Same old blame game, just like everywhere else on earth. We obviously don’t need a colony in the moon!

So who should we trust with our votes? Looks like the answer to that question is ‘NO ONE’. But if we do not exercise our voting rights, what is the use? Here is my problem: whether a politician is in Washington or in Kenya, their decisions will affect our lives one way or another. A Kenyan member of parliament drafts a bill that favors his or her salary and the rest of the taxpayers must pay for it. A guy in Washington is hired by a lobbyist from the oil industry, and the rest of us pay $5.00 a gallon for gasoline. What gives?

Here is my final idea: When time to vote comes, think wisely. Ask yourself, which one of these carnivores[sorry] will spare me? Basically, most of them will eat your flesh. The only difference is that some of them will spare you. We all cannot be leaders at the same time but our efforts can help us achieve what we want, besides democracy. Just vote for the right people.

In his wise words, Dr. King once said “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” If we really want to make this world a better place, we must be the ones to step forward and bring that CHANGE to our lives. Thank You!



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