I am always comparing companies to other merchant services companies. Many times past and potential clients are so stuck with wanting to go with PayPal for their merchant services thinking they are getting the best deal.  After much research and calls I have come to the conclusion that Valued Merchant Services using Authorize.net has a much better deal than PayPal for many reasons.  Valued Merchant Services with Authorize.net has better rates 1.69%-2.99% vs PayPal’s 2.50%-3.50%, Transaction fee of 15c-25cents vs. 28c-35cents per transaction, less BBB complaints (4) vs PayPa’ls BBB complaints (6569), 24/7/365 customer service vs. 9am-10pm Monday – Friday customer service which is very important if you need help with your problems and or concerns, Valued Merchant Services has next day funding and PayPal doesn’t and finally VMS has a 3 year contract which means your rates will never go up but can always go down…

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