A Gift To All My Readers & Friends

Kindle User..?

It is the last week, but not the last time to learn. They say learning is a lifelong process and it is without doubt, plain truth! We have all had our chance to gain the skills, the most important thing however is what remains after school is done…bazinga! Why am I writing this post? Keep going till the end………

As an appreciation for all the help and encouragements I received from Udacity Online University, I have decided to give away 14 copies of my book[pictured above] to Kindle Users [Udacians & Others]. The giveaway will be on first come first served basis. The other reason is simple: Inspiration. I have always believed that a difference can be made [for good purposes] by putting our thoughts and stories into work. Sharing what we already know and learning new things from other people. I am honored to do this and I hope you are too!

This is how it will work: Send your email address to elisha.java[at]gmail.com and mention FREE book on the Subject bar. The first people to respond will receive a gift from me of my autobiography entitled My Life Sentences – A True Story. You can read the reviews on Amazon before making your decision of course.

Thank you for reading and I hope you get inspired each day of your life as you do what you love most. NOTE: You do not have to be a Udacian to receive this gift, all you need is a thirst for reading new and different stories!

Stay Udacious![ New Words Everyday!]

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