A New Look, A New Beginning


In the past few weeks or so, I have been taking lots and lots of pictures using my phone. I think I have snapped more pictures in less than a month than my entire life before that! At some point, I paused quietly and asked my inner self “What do the pictures really mean to me?” I do not think I came to a final answer.

In one photography book I came by recently, the author said these words “It is not the camera that takes pictures, instead, it is the photographer(In that case, the person holding the camera).” Of course I am not a photographer myself but I have to admit, photography is really a thing of beauty especially to those who know what they want out of it.

As a result of playing around with my camera, I ended up with the above photo. The clouds were hanging so low, I could imagine reaching out and touching them. It is like life as you can see it yet you cannot feel it. It looks dark, only because it is. What happens when you look further away? There is light. There is peace on the other side.

The other reason I am creating this post is to talk about my decision to change the ‘theme’ of my blog. I like this one better than what I had previously. I hope you will like it too and keep reading my posts. I will be posting great stuff over time and answering any questions you might have. Please feel free to post comments at any given time.

Finally, I would like say something about life: If I asked anyone how many times they have seen a dark cloud in their life, they will most likely say more than once. Life is full of difficult moments. Life is a mountain to most of us. The challenge is whether we can climb it or not. Remember, there is always light at the of the tunnel. Stay strong, stay focused and never give up your dreams!

You can read more about my personal story My Life Sentences – A True Story. Thank You!








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