The Lesser Of Two Evils – Pick One


First, I know you must be asking yourself why I took a photo of, well, darkness, and used it on my blog. Don’t worry, your question will be answered. Even though that light is small, it has a meaning! Here is what I am going to write about today: The sad reality that is become of politics. What does it mean to you?

I have been following the current political games between Democrats and Republicans and honestly, it is quite boring and tiring. As my title suggests, every time you get into your car and drive to a polling station, or walk,  what you are going to do is choose between two evils whether you like it or not. It only sound and feel like one of the two believes in your beliefs and the other is the bad guy.

What drives me crazy is the fact that everything the Democrats do appears to be EVIL to the Republicans while everything the Republicans do appears to be the same EVIL, just in a different suit to the Democrats. Where will this kind of behavior end? I do not know. Can I confidently stand up and say that Democrats are better than Republicans? NO! Can I say Republicans are better? Of course Not! That is why I think as people prepare to vote this November, they are simply doing one thing; choosing the lesser of two evils. As I normally say, look at them, and decide to vote based on who will eat you up then spare you rather than finish you! (No cannibalism allowed)

Every citizen, regardless of where they are, must have gone through such a horror of political darkness. You think you exercise your rights through voting and as a reward, you get a slap in the face by the same politician you voted for. The truth to me is this; you are that light that shines in the dark. Even though your hard work might be looked down upon, keep working, because someone will see it some day.

Finally, let us all hope that both parties will agree on important agendas and focus more on issues affecting the rest of the citizens rather than worrying about losing the millions of dollars from lobbyists. Thank you. (I hope I will not end up in …..I don’t know where…for this)

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2 thoughts on “The Lesser Of Two Evils – Pick One

  1. Well, what you say is so truth, choose between the less evil, here where I live is the same thing, being a Common Wealth Country, up to 3 important political parties, and now 4 or five, is really silly how things works now, and I was thinking of voting, but I don’t even know whom of the parties to thrust, those with Democrat or Republican Idiology, or those that want this country to be independent, or those who want sovereignty… Not sure what this country want’s anymore, I think the counrty is in the verge of confusion and always fall in the same thing, that that party and the candidate for Governor is evil from both or all sides of the political parties, I decided I don’t care any more which party won’s the election, I simply hope is the less evil one to take care of the real important and more humane things here.

    Also nice blog you have here, I followed up from a post you had in UDACITY forums, in CS101 course, I will be taking in my own pace to see how well is made, I already took much of my college CS courses, I just to see how is it to compare and also refresh and learn new things too.


    • I am glad you are in the ‘same boat’ as me. The world has been tangled up in a web of darkness and confusion. Most people do not know where to go next. They are stuck in what they think is a dream of democracy and yet they are in an endless craze of uncertainty. Sometimes you wonder, why things happen the way they happen and then you realize later that it is global system of dictatorship hidden in ‘democracy’. The good thing is this: Not all is lost, we can still make this world a better place, all we have to do is take part in the good acts of humanity and we will win at last.

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