Friends Are Like Flowers, And You Are One


I wanted to just get some rest tonight especially since I was feeling a little exhausted. That meant skipping a post to my beloved blog. I thought about it and all over a sudden, an idea came to. So I ran through my photo gallery and found that pretty flower and decided to, you guessed it, use it! It is all about friendships.

Back when I was in high school, everything seemed normal and I never thought of a day when I would go years without seeing my classmates and friends. I never dreamed of it even a single night while asleep in the dormitories. We played volleyball, soccer and ate lunch and sometimes dinner together under a shade! At the end of it all, we parted ways and each one of us took their route to wherever life led us. Here I am today, thousands of miles away….

I am just wondering, what does it really take to make real, and I mean real friends? Sometimes I feel like there is only one thing: honesty. Even when things are looking up for you however, watch out for betrayers who prey on those who choose to give their all. How else would we learn anyway? Don’t be a victim.

The main reason why I feel like true friends are like flowers is this: they come in different colors, different types, and in different times. Sometimes they bloom and at times they wither during tough moments. Nevertheless, they are friends. As water is to flowers, so is communication to friends.

So, what is my message for you tonight pal, as much as solitude might make you feel like you are okay, don’t let it be your only choice in life. Shun it and see beyond the curtains, where friends give life a meaning. I have great friends but that is not the end. I want to be your friend too. That is the beauty of human existence. That is one of the many ways we can all make this world a better place!


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NB: Just a side note for Kindle Owners, this coming weekend, my book: MY LIFE SENTENCES  will be available for download on Amazon Kindle Store FREE of charge! It would be a terrible mistake not to tell you about it, after all, you are my friends and readers. I will be letting it fly for 2 -3 days non-stop! Am so excited and can’t wait! See you next time and let us go make some cool friends!

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