Bring Your Dog To Work Day..


Today, after going out for a walk in a scorching sun, I just couldn’t think of anything cool to write about until late in the evening when I was researching ListProperty() data type storage in Google App Engine Datastore. I got distracted by something just as cool. As my title suggest, it has something to do with, well, dogs and jobs. Let us get to it!

While doing my searches on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video which led to another video and then a few more clicks down the road and I was digitally miles away from where I started. One video stood out: one that showed what working at Google is like! Is it cool? Heck yeah! Would I love to work there? Heck yeah I would! Am happy with what I have though!

You see, here is the thing; if you happen to love animals and your employer allows you to bring your tiny dog with you to work and provide you with a push scooter to move around the complex, I would suggest you just knock yourself out and live it up – for a good cause of course! Not many people get that more often. Anyway, am talking about dream jobs here. Some people have some and some take what they get!

A few months ago, a software company near my city posted a job opening in my local paper and among other things were a competitive pay, a relaxed environment where you could sit on a couch and write code, leave workplace at your own will (this comes with deadlines, if you can keep them, why should someone be on your back?), and then this last one was cool: you can choose to use stairs or an elevator while going from a higher floor to a lower one or if you like to have fun, they had a sliding tube! Holy cow, that was awesome! It was like going through a water tunnel at an amusement park! Give me that please, with fries! (jk)

So, as much as they say that only 2% of graduates actually use their degrees and the rest doing totally different things from what they went to school for, what is your dream job? Who is your dream employer? Do you think it is still possible to have dreams come true? Tell me through the comments because I would love to read them.

My final word is this: if you love what you do, keep doing it. If you however don’t feel good about what you do, keep working hard towards your goals in life. Dreams come true, and if you ask anyone out there, they will tell you the truth, even if they might have not succeeded themselves for some reasons. Never surrender to failure. Keep your head up. You can be what you want to be, just a little more effort will take you there! Good Luck!

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