Texting & Driving or A Suicide Mission?


First off, I want to believe that there are some things that we as humans can easily forget and then there are those that come back into view every time something happens. The last time two fire trucks and more than ten police vehicles were called for me was in late 2009 on highway 9 at around six in the evening! I remember it very vividly. Something really horrible had happened!

I had just left college that sunset and headed to work. Since that part of town had a small traffic load, the department of transportation decided to build a 2 – lane highway, each facing the opposite direction! Less than a mile on my gas paddle was a gas station to my left and some drivers made turns to refill their tanks. That is exactly what the third commuter ahead of me did and so he slowed all of us down.

What happened next was terrible. I hate remembering it sometimes. As we slowed down to wait for the opposing traffic to ease for that driver to make his left turn, one driver behind me didn’t slow down. Within a twinkle of an eye, I found myself facing almost the opposite of where I was headed. My car had been forced airborne by a hit from behind. I have to say I was fortunate enough not to hit any opposing traffic which would have caused a chain reaction. Well.

Where was the hitter? Good question. She was forced by the reaction to slide all the way southwards and towards the railway line. I didn’t even think of the possible outcome if a train was passing by. I was horrified. So, the guy right in front of me quickly pulled over and dialed 911 (the number you call when you have emergencies here in the US). After that, I stepped out of my seriously damaged car to go and check on the other driver who couldn’t talk or open her eyes. I was scared that she might have died or something. Luckily, she was not dead – after the paramedics performed CPR on her. (They didn’t raise her from the dead, don’t get me wrong here).

Why am I telling all these? Simple, before you plunge into someone’s rear, make sure you are not texting and driving. Let it be the breaks that malfunction or just something technical. We can solve this problem by starting with ourselves. The next time I saw that lady was in a traffic court. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her one simple question: “Did you know that you could have unintentionally killed me?” I feel like texting and driving is the most dangerous thing today but it can be stopped! Let us not let the government do it for us, let us be our own police! Let us be the change we wish to have!

Finally, thank you so much for reading my blog. Please remember to subscribe! Stay safe, whether you walk on the side of the road or you sit behind the wheel of a car or a bike. Just because you are a careful driver does not mean everyone else is. Life is too short to waste time regretting that one moment when you hit an innocent driver, killing all the passengers in the car or even killing yourself (in this case you won’t be there to attend your funeral).

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