Operation Kenyan Politics – Irony


Hi! As my title suggests today, I am going to talk about something the Kenyan government did a day or two ago. As you might have noticed, am not that kind of guy that continues sipping his cup of coffee after knowing that something is wrong without at least saying something.

A few months ago, the Somali militants increased their kidnappings by targeting foreign tourists visiting Kenya. That eventually prompted the Kenyan government ( I cannot tell whether there was pressure from other nations) to send her troops to Somalia as an effort to combat terrorism! It is one of those things you wish never existed at all – terror! The moment I heard about it, I was really worried of the outcome. After seeing everything that is taking place in the Middle East, only a naive person would dive into such an act nose first. Kenya must have prepared for it – but no one can ever be ready for what happens!

Did the Kenyan government get it wrong when they decided to test their soldiers in Somalia? No, I do not think so (my opinion, obviously). So what did they get wrong? Wait! On Saturday, the US government through their embassy in Nairobi warned her citizens to stay away from the coast because of a possible attack by terrorists. Surprisingly, an attack took place on Sunday (talk about good intelligence) …. at the coast! That shocked living thing out of me. Now, read on.

The problem, according the Kenyan officials is this: the US government should not have raised the travel alarm because…of all things, it sabotaged business! You will know that you are out of touch when you think that money is much more important than people’s lives. That is so shameful. The official (I do not want to mention his name) went on to say that the Kenyan government was the first one to inform the US embassy about the possible attacks. Instead of warning the Kenyan people, they chose silence. The worst part of it, they never thwarted the attacks and instead, blamed foreign nations after people were killed!

It is a sad fact that some people think that it is okay to kill other people. It is also a sad reality that terrorism keeps increasing. At some point, all we can do as a people is to love one another and abhor evil. Instead of using politics to blanket facts, leaders should just tell the truth. Politicians try to make things look better or totally the opposite of what they really are. Why are citizens willing to drink from that pot of lies? I think it is about time we stop it and exercise our freedom of speech, if you have one of course!

I will stop ranting here. That is just all I can write tonight. If you have any comments, please leave them below this post and I will read them ASAP! Peace! Please stay safe. Thank you for reading my blog!

You can read my political views in My Life Sentences – A True Story



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