My Condolences To The Colorado Victims


This is a short letter to the victims of the Colorado Mass Shooting. It is unfortunate and shocking that such an inhuman act had to happen. There are a lot that could be said but none of them will express the real feelings of those who lost their loved ones. Instead of posting anything else on my blog today, I want to remember the victims and so my heart goes out to them.

What is the most important thing to learn from this? The answer is simple: When everything is lost, we, the human race, can come together as one and join our hands as we get stronger. We never lose hope, we never quit because we are great people. If we come together in times of challenges of this kind, we will stand up together, walk side by side and appreciate each other even more.

I will make this as short as possible. Please, pray for those who lost their brothers and sisters, their parents and their friends. This should make us stronger. In times of tragedy, I wish them peace, in solitude I wish them friendships and in sorrow, comfort. Peace.

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