In The Brink – Our World

No one ever told me keeping a blog ‘alive’ was this challenging – but I never expected it to be easy. Anyway, here I am again. How is everybody doing? I hope you are doing great and still fired up to enjoy life.

A few nights ago, after hearing of the endless protests in China over Japan’s decision to purchase the disputed islands from the owners, I imagined a lot of things:

You see, the difference between Chinese protesters and American protesters is that Americans never stop drivers of foreign vehicles, order them to step out and then burn their cars. At least I have not seen that happen. They also do not break into foreign-owned stores because of political disputes. They just go to Wall Street and try to stop the end greed. One thing might be reasonable: perhaps China will need more land or something, sooner or later.

Now, let us flip the coin a little bit: Assuming the Americans (or even the Europeans for that matter), who buy a lot of Chinese made products, were the Chinese protesting over some island, and the Chinese were the Japanese on the other side of the ocean. How would this work out?

Here is my question: In the US and most other nations, a lot of products are made in China. In such a situation, would the Americans or Europeans burn products that were made in China? Torch the stores owned by the Chinese people and do all the crazy stuff? It would mean so many essential products, and I mean a lot of them – which is really unthinkable to do.

In short, what I am saying is this: burning buildings, killing innocent people, stopping motorist and torching their cars, is definitely not the solution to our problems. If you must protest, learn from the experienced men and women who know that non-violence is the way out.

This also goes out to those who feel like acts of violence are justified in the name of religion. Ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do? What Would Mohammed Do? And so forth.

This post is dedicated to my favorite reader: Lois Turley who after taking too long to post, she told me that she missed my blog! That, my friends, is awesome to hear. Thank you.

Always stay informed, peaceful and filled with joy.

2 thoughts on “In The Brink – Our World

  1. Aw, thanks Elisha for making my day! You are such a special young man. I’ve never met you of course, but after reading your “My Life Sentences,” I feel like I know you. I admire your determination and persistence as evidenced in your book. Your blog shows that you are a great thinker also, and these three qualities mix well together. Thinking without determination and persistence to do what we can is not much value, and jumping in and doing something without thinking doesn’t usually accomplish much either. You have the whole package. Great to see one of your posts again!


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