Dear Barack Obama: US President,

Hello Barack Obama. I am honored to select you as the first president in my list of those I am writing to through my blog. Congratulations on winning re-election this year. From the heights of Washington to the corners of Africa, you are an inspiration to many, including myself. I however have a few issues that I feel I must share with you.

It would take a naive individual a small amount of effort to notice the gridlock in Washington today. For me, I have been watching and following every part of it. Honestly, it is utterly disappointing. The question is: what are you going to do about it? I fully understand that it take compromise on both sides to make something happen. Can the same people who voted to elect you count on you and if so, how are you going to convince them?

There are more things I would like to talk about but I will make the list shorter and clearer. Immigration reform is just one of them. The national debt is another one that is screaming for attention. What about unemployment? I am not a politician and yet I understand that spending more money on things that are not important will eventually bite. 

As far as immigration is concerned, there is much to be said especially when families are on the line. The problem is that no one is talking about it except during election seasons. I have always believed that true leadership exist no matter what other politicians are doing out there to make it a myth.

Mr President, every day, I get reminded of the fact that both soldiers and innocent people are dying in the middle east. The problem is that this is 2012. Why are we fighting? I am not naive but I ask you, when will all these end? Can you end the war in Afghanistan and bring the soldiers home? I am sure their families would rather have them at home. Their children would love to see them every morning. We do not need more wars. I would rather go down the history books as the one who ended the war rather than the one who started one!

Finally, I hope 2013 will be a better year for not just the American people but also for the rest of the world. Please ask your fellow leaders in Washington (Republicans and Democrats) to put people first before lobbyists. I am sure that is what the citizens would like to see. I believe that is why they were elected. I hope my message is clear. Let us get to work.

I do not look forward to hearing from you but if by chance you receive this letter, instead of writing(and of course I would love to see that happen), please use that time to solve the problems and challenges faced by America and the world. Thank You.

Note: Please say hi to Michelle and your beautiful daughters. Seriously. Thank You.

                                                     _____________________________by E C

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