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Hello! I apologize for taking a little too long to post something! I have been doing certain things (other side projects) and following the progress of my country’s election [Kenya]. I hope everything is going good for you.

Today(starting Wednesday 3/6/2013), I am going to give my book away for FREE on Amazon. I have been waiting for this for a while now and I figured I should do it now and then extend my reach to other platforms like smashwords and Barnes and Noble. So here is what I am going to do:

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Download My Life Sentences – A True Story for Free Today

If you run into problems while trying to do this, please notify me and I will be more than happy to help you. If you would like to share a link on Facebook or any other social media that you use, please know that I will truly appreciate. That is all am going to say for today. I hope you find this book inspiring.

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On the mountain of despair, a stone of hope


Today, the United States of America remembers Dr. Martin Luther King jr, the man who chose the hardest task of fighting for the civil rights and even died for it. Perhaps the biggest question we can ask ourselves today is, “How much change have we seen?”

One other thing that happened today was the inauguration of Barack Obama (president of the United States). I think that was a demonstration of what democracy is all about. Now let us get to work because the journey has just started.

Now, I really liked most of Dr. King’s speeches and sayings but one line in particular touches my heart: ‘…On the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.’ So why do I like it? It is a long story but I am going to be rational and shorten it.

We all have had our plans turned upside down, you have not got that job you have always wanted, at certain points, you have even considered giving up. You have lost your best friend, your enemies wish you never lived, your finances are out of order, your children just don’t seem to get things right, your son is in jail and you are on the edge.

What do you do when your college application is turned down? You are in your 30s and you can’t seem to understand what life is all about. You just wish you could do better than you already are. Your dreams have been shattered not once, not twice but thrice. If you believe in miracles, you have waited for them for years on end and nothing seems to work. I know what it feels like.

Now what? I know for sure that you will not wake up one morning and find all the answers outside your door waiting. You however cannot afford to give up now, instead, you must hold fast to your hope because it can only get better. Insist on what you really want and keep fighting for it. Look up to the mountain, you will see despair, temptations to quit, but if you look just a little farther, you will see a stone of hope! That hope will keep you alive.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you around. If you have any comments, please share them below.

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——————————————————-by E.C

Do We Really Have To??

Hi everybody, I hope you are doing fantastic wherever you are. I have had these thoughts for a while now and I found no genuine reason to keep them to myself. I imagined the idea that we all have things we would like to do without having to answer to anyone. Doesn’t it that sound cool, say, eat what you want without someone asking you why you are doing so? Well, that is what am going to talk about today.

  • We all have a right to talk whatever we feel like talking, be it unwelcome in our communities or not. You see, I have heard so many people use dirty languages, words that I cannot afford to mention on my blog. The biggest problem I have with such foul-mouthed people is this: what will happen if they just keep them to themselves? What is my take on this? I know we have the rights to speak our minds, but just because we do does not mean we should say anything we want. Respect is the key here, and so we should learn to exercise it.
  • Another thing is hate which is currently polluting the entire universe. Be it political or religious, it just has to stop, but how? The answer is simple. Most of us know that hate does not yield anything good. We can choose to hate others or just show some love. Hate stems from having a misguided sense of superiority and since most of us feel like we cannot compromise on anything, we fail to see the positive in others. Let us love one another, it is worth it.
  • In the current world of social media, sometimes you look at what people share online, be they photos or just comments and other types of posts, and you wonder where we lost our cool. So, am asking, where did we? Just because we can post stuff does not mean we should post things that bring us down as  a human race. We all have a genuine purpose as a people and we should do all we can to uphold that purpose.
  • It is always a good thing to exercise your marketing skills when you are with friends or strangers(perhaps you feel that they will never know that you know something). The question that keeps bugging me is whether we should be bombarding people we don’t even know with our beliefs and creeds. Just because we belief in certain religions does not mean everyone else should or else they will end up in hell…?

Simply put, just because I can be like a writing machine does not mean I should just write anything(except if what I write does not hurt anyone, hopefully). So, I will pause here before I cause trouble. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog posts and please remember to subscribe if you like it and drop me a comment because I would love to hear from you. I believe you have encountered situations like these in your life and if am wrong, forgive me and let us move on!

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In The Brink – Our World

No one ever told me keeping a blog ‘alive’ was this challenging – but I never expected it to be easy. Anyway, here I am again. How is everybody doing? I hope you are doing great and still fired up to enjoy life.

A few nights ago, after hearing of the endless protests in China over Japan’s decision to purchase the disputed islands from the owners, I imagined a lot of things:

You see, the difference between Chinese protesters and American protesters is that Americans never stop drivers of foreign vehicles, order them to step out and then burn their cars. At least I have not seen that happen. They also do not break into foreign-owned stores because of political disputes. They just go to Wall Street and try to stop the end greed. One thing might be reasonable: perhaps China will need more land or something, sooner or later.

Now, let us flip the coin a little bit: Assuming the Americans (or even the Europeans for that matter), who buy a lot of Chinese made products, were the Chinese protesting over some island, and the Chinese were the Japanese on the other side of the ocean. How would this work out?

Here is my question: In the US and most other nations, a lot of products are made in China. In such a situation, would the Americans or Europeans burn products that were made in China? Torch the stores owned by the Chinese people and do all the crazy stuff? It would mean so many essential products, and I mean a lot of them – which is really unthinkable to do.

In short, what I am saying is this: burning buildings, killing innocent people, stopping motorist and torching their cars, is definitely not the solution to our problems. If you must protest, learn from the experienced men and women who know that non-violence is the way out.

This also goes out to those who feel like acts of violence are justified in the name of religion. Ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do? What Would Mohammed Do? And so forth.

This post is dedicated to my favorite reader: Lois Turley who after taking too long to post, she told me that she missed my blog! That, my friends, is awesome to hear. Thank you.

Always stay informed, peaceful and filled with joy.

The Price of Civilization – As We Pay For It


Photo: Kim Miller

A few years ago, I was lighting my rooms using a tin lamp that used kerosene that I bought from a local shopping center. On a table beside by small bed was a match box and the same lamp that gave me the light I so dearly needed every night to read my books. Whenever I had no kerosene left, I swallowed my pride and asked my mom for her own lamp. Thanks to her! I knew that one day, all of that would come to an end.

Why am I telling you about my long gone tin lamp? I will answer that in a short rant. I was so excited while studying physics in high school, I even got an A. I knew how long ago electricity was invented and I also knew how long it would take before I could flip my own switch in my own house – a long time. But whose fault was it or is it when you are located in a politically dysfunctional part of the world? I knew, that through education, I could change that tin lamp into a light bulb. Let us move on….

Today, so many people do not have access to electricity. They know what it is, they have seen it in action, they just cannot afford it. I was one of those people. I used a spotlight to read at night. To be honest, if the moon was bright enough, I probably would have used it too. Those were the days when I was in Africa. Let us look at the political part of our lives today.

Today when I was walking around the neighborhood, I stopped and looked around. Behold, the beauty that was. The uncountable number of vehicles zooming through the traffic lights. That reminded me of my first car when I was 21. During those days, no one could convince me that riding a bus was much cheaper and environmentally friendlier than having your own car. Don’t let me get started on the cost of insurance, gasoline and of course the unexpected yet unavoidable traffic violation tickets. It is all about the money.

After I had pressed the small button that would enable me to cross the road without fear of being ran over, I looked to my left. I couldn’t help but see the gas prices at my local gas station. Almost $4 a gallon. I felt like calling whoever was and still is in charge of the prices, telling him or her to just give the drivers a break and peacefully stop exploiting us. I didn’t have his/her phone number! Anyway, why are we paying so high prices for gasoline? With the civilization we have today, why is everything so expensive? Who is behind it? Washington and Wall Street, here I come…

Every time I stop to fill up my tank, I hate life. Every day I think of my life before electricity, I feel so bad that I have to pay so much when others do not even have lights in their houses. Advancement in technology was meant to make our lives easier but it has made it unbearable. It is against logic that a handful of people control our  lives. It is about the profits. Wall Street Banks do the bidding and the rest of us pay the price. Should we sell our cars and start walking again? How backward would that be?

I feel like a duck trying to walk on one foot. How far can I go? How long will we last? May be not so long. I do not like politicians who talk but do nothing. They are the same people who live their good lives because of our taxes and the millions they get from lobbyists. They seem not to care. They have oil companies on their backs, they have millions in their bank accounts. Well, we pretty much have nothing left. We live in a civilized world and yet it is working against us. Can we do something about it? Perhaps we can. We elect them so that they can represent our interests but they change their minds once they meet the other guys. What a waste of time and patriotism…..

I will stop ranting here. I have probably said enough for today. I will continue tomorrow. Meanwhile, keep reading my blog. You can read more of my opinions by reading my book My Life Sentences – A True Story Thank You.