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Hi! I am back again for another round of book giveaways. My Books will be available on Amazon (i.e Amazon – US, Amazon – UK, Amazon – France, Amazon – Germany, Amazon – Spain and Amazon – Italy for free 3 days in a row starting today(WEDNESDAY). Awesome!!

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I want to make this post as short as possible so that I can give you enough time to read the reviews and finally make a decision to download a copy for free. I hope you will enjoy it and I look forward to your reviews when you are done reading.

NB: This giveaway is made possible by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Soon I will be extending my outreach to Google Play in order to reach even more readers of true stories. You can also find me on Google Plus – just search my name and say ‘What’s Up?’ Thank you again and see you soon! Take care and if you have any questions, let me know! Peace!

What Is Wrong With The Insurance Industry?


Hi! I have been postponing this topic for a while now and I think that is enough! Enough also with the insurance industry craziness. Enough with the greed for money. The list might not end. Have you ever picked up your phone and dialed that 800 number or maybe your local agent to buy auto – coverage for instance? They have made it easy such that all you need is a computer, an internet connection and of course a credit card! This post might be similar to your story!

I am writing this post with great disappointment. I have been there myself, my friends have been there and many other drivers. After my car was rear – ended, you guessed it, I had to contact the insurance company of the driver who scared the life out of me. What has always surprised me is this: to get coverage, it takes less than an hour if you are savvy enough and maybe a day if you take the paper route but to file a claim and seek compensation for damages, it can take years! Talk about the number of people you have to talk to, be on hold for thirty minutes, you may even feel like killing yourself. Sometimes, you end up getting nothing in return even if you were the victim.

A friend of mine recently told me of his ordeal. He had been paying premiums for almost thirteen long years without fail. If there is one thing that I hate most, and I believe some people agree with me here, is paying a lot of money each month for something that might never happen(uncertainty is costly). This of course is not an excuse to cancel your insurance – I learned that the hard way after a ticket cost me more than I expected. Just to be on the safe side of the law, it is good to get coverage. What happened to my friend? Read on!

After all those years of paying premiums, his wife was involved in a minor accident. She hit the back of another vehicle (very slight hit) and as usual, they called their insurance agents. The damage on my friend’s vehicle was minor but you won’t believe what the insurance company told them: the vehicle was totaled(not good for use anymore)! What? They just rushed into saying so in order for the case to be closed and avoid more expenses. That is insane. In return, they promised to pay them $800 for a car that was in good condition. They told them that there were several damages on the vehicle before the accident that reduced the value by thousands of dollars. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Phone call after phone call after phone call, nothing happened. After a long time of negotiations, my friend finally agreed to a settlement. The irony is that there are no stupid negotiations while signing up for coverage, all they want is your money and after that, they are gone. Miss a month’s premium and you are doomed. The question is: is the concept of insurance (particularly for motor vehicles) a scam or the people are? I wish there was a solution to this evil act of greed. Unless you do not own a car of course, looks like we are here for a long fight.

I am done! Take care. Do Not Text and Drive … it actually kills!

Texting & Driving or A Suicide Mission?


First off, I want to believe that there are some things that we as humans can easily forget and then there are those that come back into view every time something happens. The last time two fire trucks and more than ten police vehicles were called for me was in late 2009 on highway 9 at around six in the evening! I remember it very vividly. Something really horrible had happened!

I had just left college that sunset and headed to work. Since that part of town had a small traffic load, the department of transportation decided to build a 2 – lane highway, each facing the opposite direction! Less than a mile on my gas paddle was a gas station to my left and some drivers made turns to refill their tanks. That is exactly what the third commuter ahead of me did and so he slowed all of us down.

What happened next was terrible. I hate remembering it sometimes. As we slowed down to wait for the opposing traffic to ease for that driver to make his left turn, one driver behind me didn’t slow down. Within a twinkle of an eye, I found myself facing almost the opposite of where I was headed. My car had been forced airborne by a hit from behind. I have to say I was fortunate enough not to hit any opposing traffic which would have caused a chain reaction. Well.

Where was the hitter? Good question. She was forced by the reaction to slide all the way southwards and towards the railway line. I didn’t even think of the possible outcome if a train was passing by. I was horrified. So, the guy right in front of me quickly pulled over and dialed 911 (the number you call when you have emergencies here in the US). After that, I stepped out of my seriously damaged car to go and check on the other driver who couldn’t talk or open her eyes. I was scared that she might have died or something. Luckily, she was not dead – after the paramedics performed CPR on her. (They didn’t raise her from the dead, don’t get me wrong here).

Why am I telling all these? Simple, before you plunge into someone’s rear, make sure you are not texting and driving. Let it be the breaks that malfunction or just something technical. We can solve this problem by starting with ourselves. The next time I saw that lady was in a traffic court. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her one simple question: “Did you know that you could have unintentionally killed me?” I feel like texting and driving is the most dangerous thing today but it can be stopped! Let us not let the government do it for us, let us be our own police! Let us be the change we wish to have!

Finally, thank you so much for reading my blog. Please remember to subscribe! Stay safe, whether you walk on the side of the road or you sit behind the wheel of a car or a bike. Just because you are a careful driver does not mean everyone else is. Life is too short to waste time regretting that one moment when you hit an innocent driver, killing all the passengers in the car or even killing yourself (in this case you won’t be there to attend your funeral).

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A Simple NO With Meaning


Today, I decided to walk instead of riding. That decision helped save the environment and helped me remain fit. What I did not count however, was the fact that walking gives you an opportunity to see things that you would otherwise not see while inside a car! So, today, I found something cool, and I was surprised to learn that I have been using the same path so many times without noticing its presence..keep reading.

I was walking back home from our local store and then with my curiosity, I looked to my right (In my native language, they say eyes have no curtains) and I saw something that caught my eye. I walked by as if it meant nothing at all, or was I right? I was wrong and in my conscience, I knew that I had to do something. So, I walked back and snapped a photo using my smartphone camera. That is what you see above this post. It was a simple statement that said ‘NO’. That was it. There were no other writings below it. Excuse me sir, NO what? After taking the picture, I continued my walk.

Why am I writing about it? Because I later realized that I was underestimating the meaning of that simple statement. What was covered inside that box had to be protected. Even though I still think whoever wrote it did not give sufficient information to convince someone to avoid tampering with the box, I think saying NO is enough, at least for a smart person!

That two letter word kept me thinking. How often do I use the word NO? Do I say YES to please others? Am I worried of hurting people? How much does it cost to say NO to a close friend or even a family member? It seems we have been brought up into thinking that we always have to say YES to everything. I think it is time to learn how to say NO. At times, you don’t even need to add anything to it. Like whoever wrote the above warning! Perhaps if you can say NO to something you don’t feel is right, you can realize the true meaning of trust, friendship, and life.

Finally, it might hurt to say NO sometimes, but if it is the right thing to do, then it is well worth the pain. Thank You and always learn to say NO when you are confronted by things that are not right. Good Day.

You can read more of my views at My Life Sentences and stay safe!