Dear Barack Obama: US President,

Hello Barack Obama. I am honored to select you as the first president in my list of those I am writing to through my blog. Congratulations on winning re-election this year. From the heights of Washington to the corners of Africa, you are an inspiration to many, including myself. I however have a few issues that I feel I must share with you.

It would take a naive individual a small amount of effort to notice the gridlock in Washington today. For me, I have been watching and following every part of it. Honestly, it is utterly disappointing. The question is: what are you going to do about it? I fully understand that it take compromise on both sides to make something happen. Can the same people who voted to elect you count on you and if so, how are you going to convince them?

There are more things I would like to talk about but I will make the list shorter and clearer. Immigration reform is just one of them. The national debt is another one that is screaming for attention. What about unemployment? I am not a politician and yet I understand that spending more money on things that are not important will eventually bite. 

As far as immigration is concerned, there is much to be said especially when families are on the line. The problem is that no one is talking about it except during election seasons. I have always believed that true leadership exist no matter what other politicians are doing out there to make it a myth.

Mr President, every day, I get reminded of the fact that both soldiers and innocent people are dying in the middle east. The problem is that this is 2012. Why are we fighting? I am not naive but I ask you, when will all these end? Can you end the war in Afghanistan and bring the soldiers home? I am sure their families would rather have them at home. Their children would love to see them every morning. We do not need more wars. I would rather go down the history books as the one who ended the war rather than the one who started one!

Finally, I hope 2013 will be a better year for not just the American people but also for the rest of the world. Please ask your fellow leaders in Washington (Republicans and Democrats) to put people first before lobbyists. I am sure that is what the citizens would like to see. I believe that is why they were elected. I hope my message is clear. Let us get to work.

I do not look forward to hearing from you but if by chance you receive this letter, instead of writing(and of course I would love to see that happen), please use that time to solve the problems and challenges faced by America and the world. Thank You.

Note: Please say hi to Michelle and your beautiful daughters. Seriously. Thank You.

                                                     _____________________________by E C

The Cost And Value Of Freedom


Hi! Today, am going to write about something most of us(including me) take for granted: freedom. There are so many types of freedoms of course but I will focus on what July 4th means the United States of America and what independence day means to other nations. That subject is vital enough to be, well, history. What do I think about it? Let me share my thoughts.

I have come to learn and believe that freedom, as you might have found out or read is not free. If you are lucky enough to be free today, someone, you may or may not know, fought for it years ago. Maybe you are still fighting for it but I know the ultimate goal is to win it. The endless question in my mind is this: are we really free today? Tell me what you think.

The path to freedom is long and winding. It is rough and sometimes or most often filled with blood. One thing am fascinated about is war movies. It is sad that the aftermath is death and destruction but what they teach me is the cost of freedom as well as its value(don’t get me wrong here, I think most wars are evil but sometimes necessary). I often ask myself what role I am currently playing when it comes to modeling a freer universe, a place free from dictatorships, a world without tyranny, hate, slavery, wars, corporate greed, enmity and so forth. If that was possible, perhaps the only struggle for freedom would be from our inner selves.

Sometimes I look across the road and see people walking peacefully, talking and doing what makes them happy. It makes me rethink a lot of things. The question of whether they know that other people cannot even walk across their streets without fear of death or not is hard to answer. In America, people sleep soundly – be it at night or day. Every time they hear an explosion, they know it is a tire blowing up by accident or the obvious fireworks on the 4th of July. In other places where freedom is out of reach and a dream yet to be turned into a reality, the only type of explosion they have lived to see is that of a bomb blast or a grenade going off and people dieing.

Are we taking anything for granted? Maybe or maybe not. It remains to be seen whether the whole world will truly be free. The path to freedom is not smooth. We all have wishes, don’t we? I do! I also have dreams. I once in a while feel like I could jump into the boat and save it from sinking. But, like most others, I get discouraged by what is going on around the world. The obvious lack of leadership. Maybe one day I will actually do something about it, meanwhile, I will keep trying my best.

I will end here for now. Meanwhile, let us ask ourselves what freedom really means to us. If we can live without any kind of fear, shouldn’t we be thankful to those who work day and night to protect us? I think we should appreciate their sacrifices. Besides that, let us do our part in building a freer world, one step at a time.

My final word is this: Let Freedom reign. God bless the world.

A New Look, A New Beginning


In the past few weeks or so, I have been taking lots and lots of pictures using my phone. I think I have snapped more pictures in less than a month than my entire life before that! At some point, I paused quietly and asked my inner self “What do the pictures really mean to me?” I do not think I came to a final answer.

In one photography book I came by recently, the author said these words “It is not the camera that takes pictures, instead, it is the photographer(In that case, the person holding the camera).” Of course I am not a photographer myself but I have to admit, photography is really a thing of beauty especially to those who know what they want out of it.

As a result of playing around with my camera, I ended up with the above photo. The clouds were hanging so low, I could imagine reaching out and touching them. It is like life as you can see it yet you cannot feel it. It looks dark, only because it is. What happens when you look further away? There is light. There is peace on the other side.

The other reason I am creating this post is to talk about my decision to change the ‘theme’ of my blog. I like this one better than what I had previously. I hope you will like it too and keep reading my posts. I will be posting great stuff over time and answering any questions you might have. Please feel free to post comments at any given time.

Finally, I would like say something about life: If I asked anyone how many times they have seen a dark cloud in their life, they will most likely say more than once. Life is full of difficult moments. Life is a mountain to most of us. The challenge is whether we can climb it or not. Remember, there is always light at the of the tunnel. Stay strong, stay focused and never give up your dreams!

You can read more about my personal story My Life Sentences – A True Story. Thank You!