On the mountain of despair, a stone of hope


Today, the United States of America remembers Dr. Martin Luther King jr, the man who chose the hardest task of fighting for the civil rights and even died for it. Perhaps the biggest question we can ask ourselves today is, “How much change have we seen?”

One other thing that happened today was the inauguration of Barack Obama (president of the United States). I think that was a demonstration of what democracy is all about. Now let us get to work because the journey has just started.

Now, I really liked most of Dr. King’s speeches and sayings but one line in particular touches my heart: ‘…On the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.’ So why do I like it? It is a long story but I am going to be rational and shorten it.

We all have had our plans turned upside down, you have not got that job you have always wanted, at certain points, you have even considered giving up. You have lost your best friend, your enemies wish you never lived, your finances are out of order, your children just don’t seem to get things right, your son is in jail and you are on the edge.

What do you do when your college application is turned down? You are in your 30s and you can’t seem to understand what life is all about. You just wish you could do better than you already are. Your dreams have been shattered not once, not twice but thrice. If you believe in miracles, you have waited for them for years on end and nothing seems to work. I know what it feels like.

Now what? I know for sure that you will not wake up one morning and find all the answers outside your door waiting. You however cannot afford to give up now, instead, you must hold fast to your hope because it can only get better. Insist on what you really want and keep fighting for it. Look up to the mountain, you will see despair, temptations to quit, but if you look just a little farther, you will see a stone of hope! That hope will keep you alive.

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——————————————————-by E.C


Thank You Readers! Thank You World!


I want to first say thank you to everyone who shared a link or tweeted my blog or re-blogged my post and most importantly, everyone who downloaded my books on Amazon! I cannot be thankful enough for that! This weekend has been the best for me since the time I published my books!

I had made a promise the first day of the giveaways to let you all know how everything transpired and now I wanna honor the same! Here is the breakdown: On the first day, hundreds and hundreds of readers downloaded my books. What surprised me was this observation: readers in the UK, Germany and Spain downloaded more copies of my second book [Across The River] than my first book [My Life Sentences – A True Story]. That was turned upside down on the last day!

In North America however, more and I mean more than a thousand readers downloaded my first book [My Life Sentences – A True Story] more than my second book [Across The River]. Personally, I have no conclusion as to why that happened but one thing is for sure; the outcome was epic!

Sometimes I look through pages of my books and cannot believe my eyes what I see! I normally ask myself, how on earth did I even write that? Of course the answer is, well, a smile and a feeling of happiness inside. The fact is this: those books would mean nothing without those who go to Amazon and download them and most importantly, read from chapter to chapter! Thank you so much!

Last but not least, I reached another milestone which might be tempting to ignore but equally important! The total visitors to my blog reached 4,000 and within two days, it is now over 5,000! That is humbling! Sometimes I run out of stuff to post but when I think about my eager readers, I just get off the couch and do something..right? That is the spirit! (I started this blog a little over two months ago).

Why did I choose to write books anyway? It all started when I was in high school……NO! I will not extend this longer than it is already, I care about your time! See you next time! Thank you and stay in the path of your dreams, so that when time comes, you will be ready to catch the vision!

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Bring Your Dog To Work Day..


Today, after going out for a walk in a scorching sun, I just couldn’t think of anything cool to write about until late in the evening when I was researching ListProperty() data type storage in Google App Engine Datastore. I got distracted by something just as cool. As my title suggest, it has something to do with, well, dogs and jobs. Let us get to it!

While doing my searches on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video which led to another video and then a few more clicks down the road and I was digitally miles away from where I started. One video stood out: one that showed what working at Google is like! Is it cool? Heck yeah! Would I love to work there? Heck yeah I would! Am happy with what I have though!

You see, here is the thing; if you happen to love animals and your employer allows you to bring your tiny dog with you to work and provide you with a push scooter to move around the complex, I would suggest you just knock yourself out and live it up – for a good cause of course! Not many people get that more often. Anyway, am talking about dream jobs here. Some people have some and some take what they get!

A few months ago, a software company near my city posted a job opening in my local paper and among other things were a competitive pay, a relaxed environment where you could sit on a couch and write code, leave workplace at your own will (this comes with deadlines, if you can keep them, why should someone be on your back?), and then this last one was cool: you can choose to use stairs or an elevator while going from a higher floor to a lower one or if you like to have fun, they had a sliding tube! Holy cow, that was awesome! It was like going through a water tunnel at an amusement park! Give me that please, with fries! (jk)

So, as much as they say that only 2% of graduates actually use their degrees and the rest doing totally different things from what they went to school for, what is your dream job? Who is your dream employer? Do you think it is still possible to have dreams come true? Tell me through the comments because I would love to read them.

My final word is this: if you love what you do, keep doing it. If you however don’t feel good about what you do, keep working hard towards your goals in life. Dreams come true, and if you ask anyone out there, they will tell you the truth, even if they might have not succeeded themselves for some reasons. Never surrender to failure. Keep your head up. You can be what you want to be, just a little more effort will take you there! Good Luck!

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Let The Sleeping Dogs Lie….No!


They say that if you see a dog sleeping, just let it lie or else you might get bitten and once bitten, twice shy. I have a sad story to tell. It is about my dog. His name was Jimmy and I cannot explicitly explain the reason why I named him Jimmy except because that name was famous in the dog kingdom. At the end of this tale, you will tell whether I did enough to show that I loved animals or not. Move on!

Almost seven or eight years ago, [I still lived in Kenya], I had a dog that as I have come to realize, loved me more than I knew. The biggest problem is whether I reciprocated that love back to him or not. Honestly, I didn’t see to it that I was obligated. All I needed[I thought] was to feed him and at least play with him at home(once in a while). As most dogs did in our community, he spent his nights outside and nothing seemed wrong with that idea.

Every evening, I came home tired either from work or school and he did his best to embrace me. He jumped so high as if to give me a pet’s hug! All I did was push him away from my clean clothes and exhaustion. Today I wish I hadn’t done that. It is a sad feeling inside me looking back and knowing that he wouldn’t have lived forever, after all.

We had great moments together. Sometimes, he showed his skills[or tricks as they call them] to me. He protected our family from every danger. Once in a while, I would walk with him around the neighborhood[not in a leash], pick up stones and throw them as far as I could and he did not fail to run after them. He played his part, he surely did. I feel like I didn’t give him what he deserved and yet I honestly did not mean to isolate him.

With a single whistle, he showed up barking like a fighter. It is true that you don’t know the value of what you have until the day you lose it. Jimmy is no longer alive. This story has been inside me for a while now and I couldn’t keep it any longer. I felt like sharing might help calm me down. Everyday I see other pets, I wonder if they are indeed getting what they deserve – the love they so dearly need. I hope they don’t feel censored!

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Much ado ’bout Love – The Unknown


My whole body was exhausted after being on the computer desk for long [I don’t recommend this]. Just before that, I had arrived home from a group service [Serving With Hope] where I met very great people. In my mind however, thoughts were streaming endlessly. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I personally could do to make this world a better place. There was fire burning inside me!

I will only talk about one of the thoughts I had: Embracing new people in my life. That brings the word ‘strangers’ into my mind. I have to admit this: I am not the kind of person that easily starts conversations with strangers although that contradicts some of the things I have already done like publishing My Life Sentences autobiography. Still, I ask myself whether I can do better than being shy or not. If I find out that someone might be interested in talking to me, then it only takes me a short time to get involved. There is one secret many people do not know: most people like talking about themselves, so, give them that chance – this is a secret, no longer!

Here is my experience on Love – as far as other human beings are concerned: In the past year, I have interacted with many different people, most of them had nothing to do with what I do. At the beginning of the connections, I asked myself whether they were genuine or just interested in something else. I have learned since then that most people just want to do good things. So what exactly does it mean to do a good thing to someone else? That is a totally endless topic to discuss. I feel like doing something good to someone else means showing unconditional love.

My challenge to my readers is this: ask yourself, what have you done to show that you care, not just about your friends or family or your country, what about strangers? Have you made a difference?This is definitely not a demand. I have faced the same challenges, I still face them today and sometimes, I just have no idea where to start doing something One expert once said that the hardest thing to do is to start something.

Every week, I start conversations with new people. What is my goal? Simple, I want to learn new things from them, listen to what they say and that way, they will listen to me as well. Every first time contact is covered by the unexpected, the unknown reactions and of course the last impression I will make. The other thing is, I want to extend what I know, my opinions on things, share with them what I have in mind and finally make this world a better place.

Finally, if you love something, you will do all you can to see it in the shape you want[good]. Learn to talk to people, you never know how helpful you could be. Learn to listen to others, you just have no idea what you do not know. To all my readers out there, you are the best friends I have, you are the people I can share my stories and feelings with. I wish I could do more to make this world a better home for all of us.

Show some love. Pass it on. Life is worth living, because of love. This world, after all, could use some love. What do you think? Respond below this post!

Thank you for reading. Got questions? Ask in the comments section, I will respond to them!