Simple Ways To Get More Traffic – Blogging 101


Hi and welcome to my blog! I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog because without their visits, I would have little to no reason to write more posts. I started this blog recently and less than three and half months ago to be precise. What has surprised me most is the number of visitors and as you can see above, 6,500 hits is not a small number unless you are Lady Gaga or some really dedicated blogger (for income) or you have been in the game for a long time. Anyway, if you are an aspiring blogger or a blogger who wants to improve traffic to his/her blog, here are a few tips I would love to share!

  1. Before you start blogging, plan. Make sure that you truly have something to write about. I have learned that people rarely read nonsense, and I don’t! So, although I do not blog about a single area, I suggest you find something that you are good at and perfect it. It is like starting a business, you must find a gap before investing your time and money. Are you a photographer? Are you a programmer? Are you a farmer? Are you a politician? Answer this question!
  2. The second tip am going to share is grammar! I often run into posts littered with broken English – by this I mean poor grammar. To avoid embarrassing yourself, read through your writings several times to ensure that you have it in the right form. This is a big challenge especially if English is not your native language and most of your readers are English speakers. Trust me, not all of them are forgiving. So, make sure that you have your words right before clicking the publish button.
  3. Thirdly, be consistent with your postings. If you choose to post every two days, stick to that schedule. If you prefer once a month (not what I would do), then stick to it – especially if it takes that long to come up with the post. Who knows, maybe you have to do a month-long research before posting the conclusions. So, make sure that you are up to date with your posts. If you take too long, your readers will be gone by the time you return from exile. Next.
  4. Now, assuming you have all the above settled, what next? Ever heard of the saying ‘Do unto others what you would like them to do unto you?’ It should be common sense. If you do not read other people’s posts and comment on them, why should people read and comment on yours? There is definitely no good in being selfish. So, go forth unto the universe, look around for related content and comment on them, like them and follow them. It is very likely that if you leave a comment (and a link), someone else will come looking for you and do the same thing. One step at a time…remember?
  5. Since you cannot rely on commenting on other people’s posts to gain enough traffic (how much is enough anyway?), social networks are here to the rescue. If you really feel that you have something to share with the world, where else would you find them if not on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr and hundreds other social networks? If you have a Twitter account, build a following and share what you have. On Facebook, Google+, Reddit and the rest, let it be known that you are present. So many people wouldn’t mind reading great posts (and not just reading but sharing too).

Hold on a second. I could continue writing but at the end of the day, you know what your goal is. We all have different ideas and so, different areas of expertise. Is it hard to create awesome blog posts? Heck yeah! Nothing happens overnight. It is just like being a published author as I have come to realize. Every genuine concept takes a good amount of time before it becomes real. The best thing you can do today is keep nurturing it. Do not spoil it, do not starve it. Good luck is my word to you. If you have a blog already, share a link below this post. I will check it out …..remember tip number 4 above? Great!

Thanks again to all my readers. Every time I look at the numbers, I feel happy. Not because I am the best blogger but because those visitors always remind me to strive to be one! I will never let you down. For now however, I will call it a night. See you soon friends! You can read my book My Life Sentences – A True Story which is currently available for Kindle. See you soon! Till we meet again, stay safe!!


The Final Giveaway Of My Book


Hi everyone! Last weekend, I had tremendous success on Amazon Kindle Store. Thousands of readers downloaded my books and that really made me see the rewards of hard work! So, thank you to those who downloaded it. If you did not get the chance to download it, do not worry because not all is over! I am giving away one of my books (pictured above) today for the last time before I extend my distribution to Google Play Store.

As I said last week, you do not need a Kindle tablet to read my book. Here is what you need to do if you do not have a Kindle: Locate My Life Sentences – A True Story on Amazon and using auto-detection, Amazon will suggest ways to you and you can then choose to download one of the many free apps onto your computer or smartphone. An example of such would be Amazon Cloud Reader app which will enable you to access your downloaded books from anywhere! Cool right?

If you have already downloaded my books, that is great! My request to you is to share this post or the link to my book with your friends online. That will go a mile more towards reaching more interested but disconnected readers around the world. They say word of mouth is powerful and I agree! If you like my books, please pass them on. Thank you for that in advance.

I wanted to make this post really simple and so I will shorten it! Be sure to return because I will be updating you with the outcome of the free book giveaway a day after it is over! Thanks again and hope you will enjoy reading my true story.

NB: What inspires you? I am curious. To respond, please leave a comment below or use the contact page and I will promptly respond. Also if you like my blog, please subscribe to it on the right side of the page! See you soon and stay safe! Peace to the world!

Book Link: My Life Sentences – A True Story

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A Gift To All My Readers & Friends

Kindle User..?

It is the last week, but not the last time to learn. They say learning is a lifelong process and it is without doubt, plain truth! We have all had our chance to gain the skills, the most important thing however is what remains after school is done…bazinga! Why am I writing this post? Keep going till the end………

As an appreciation for all the help and encouragements I received from Udacity Online University, I have decided to give away 14 copies of my book[pictured above] to Kindle Users [Udacians & Others]. The giveaway will be on first come first served basis. The other reason is simple: Inspiration. I have always believed that a difference can be made [for good purposes] by putting our thoughts and stories into work. Sharing what we already know and learning new things from other people. I am honored to do this and I hope you are too!

This is how it will work: Send your email address to[at] and mention FREE book on the Subject bar. The first people to respond will receive a gift from me of my autobiography entitled My Life Sentences – A True Story. You can read the reviews on Amazon before making your decision of course.

Thank you for reading and I hope you get inspired each day of your life as you do what you love most. NOTE: You do not have to be a Udacian to receive this gift, all you need is a thirst for reading new and different stories!

Stay Udacious![ New Words Everyday!]

Higher Education Revolutionized

Before I was able to access the internet without worrying about how much it would cost me, I wished that free day would come. It was just like the day I bought my first laptop computer. It is the same thing that happens every time you get something new, for the first time. But how long does that excitement last? Not very long, after all.

It didn’t really take long before I realized that there are several things that make surfing the web either important or useless. First, there are those folks who have nothing in their minds every time they fire up their browsers and then there are those who have something important (this latter category is definitely small in size). Just think of a scenario where you have nothing you want to look for: you are more likely to land anywhere because you are going nowhere! If however you know what you are looking for, you will spend much less time online and more importantly, you will get answers to your questions.

Why am I writing all these? Simple! A few years back, I was a random surfer of the web. I followed so many links that took me places. I ended up nowhere actually. What make things more interesting is the question of interest. What are you most interested in? What do you like most? I like technology so much and that is my area of interest. Now, with that in mind, I started focusing on tech news and blogs. Every time I was not reading about politics, I was looking out for an online conference by Microsoft or Oracle and free webinars.

All that searching and browsing landed me on some quality blogs out there. One of them was owned by a Harvard Professor. What impressed me most was how clean and professional his writing was. That encouraged me to read his long post on higher education. That is where I arrive at my topic today. Higher education is shifting from what we all thought of: access to knowledge, to access to funds. Everything is so insanely expensive now. Soon and very soon, so many people will not afford it. But not all is lost because there is a solution.

Udacity is here to solve this problem. FREE Online Education for all! I landed on that website by reading about it from the above professor’s post and it was just in time before the Feb Classes started. The 7 weeks course is almost over now and the quality is unmatched. Think of it this way: You will pay thousands of dollars to Phoenix University or Harvard or even Stanford each year to earn a degree and of course the official recognition that comes with it. Through Udacity Online University, you don’t pay a penny, but you earn the top – notch skills, from professors with experience and skills you have never seen before. At the end of the course, you receive a certificate indicating your final grade. The classes are super interactive. I had never seen anything like it before.

April classes are starting soon and am looking forward to them. Are you ready to build your own blogging software? What about a search engine of your own? You might not be able to compete with Google yet but isn’t that exciting? Some students are learning how to program a self-driving car. What an awesome adventure it is. Now, is it possible that more affordable online education is taking over the universe? Perhaps. I think everything else is way too expensive and education should not be one of them. What do you think?

Of course there are drawbacks to such a program: You earn the skills and knowledge needed to solve problems but without an official way to show that you actually earned them, you are left an expert without a certificate needed by employers. Here is my thinking though: This courses are good for individuals who want to learn the skills needed to do anything they want. That is why certificates and grades are not much of problems. Just refresh your skills, do it yourself – kind of thing. Maybe some day, things will change and we earn credits from the same free online courses, just like those you earn from state colleges.

Finally, as you look around the internet, don’t just look, locate and share important articles, links and documents. You never know who will benefit from them. I believe the internet was invented for good use (mostly) and we can still keep that goal by sharing information. If you have any good links, please share them here and I will be more than happy to share them with others. I have a dream that one day, the cost of education will not be a problem to anyone thirsting for knowledge and skills.

Thanks for reading and expect more soon. Visit Udacity Online University