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Hi! Today, I thought sharing a few tips on how to bring out the best in you as a writer might help. Last time I shared a few ideas on how to get more traffic and many people liked it. As an aspiring writer, I have come to realize that the question of writing what people want to read has always gone unanswered. Have you ever wished you wrote your articles, columns, books etc better? I know you have. Let us crack this shell. I will jump straight to the points.

  • After reading so many articles on news sites, I felt like around the corner somewhere, somebody had to say something about the shortcomings of the writers of the same. One thing you need to do before jumping onto your keyboard to write anything is your subject. Answering the ‘what am I going to write about?’ question will help you exhaust the depths of the topic. Make short notes, think through each key point and make sure that important arguments come first.
  • After mastering your concept, you are now ready to type something – but anyone can type right? The point is this: to avoid embarrassing yourself in the face of the world, plan out which paragraphs will come first. In high school, my English teacher told me that every story should have a beginning, a middle and an ending. So, what goes to the beginning of the story? Some people jump the rope quite often, spilling all the secrets in the first paragraph. That is not good.
  • In my English 102, my professor told me that I needed to introduce the readers into what is awaiting them. Doing so need care because the risk of breaking the rule is high. Using a theses statement helps to motivate the readers just enough by preparing their minds for more details later down the road. If you are writing about a recent rise in texting and driving related accidents in your local town, you don’t jump straight to last week’s incident(you might be tempted to do this thinking it will make readers hooked).
  • Assuming you have successfully hooked your readers with a great theses statement, to make it even more interesting, argue your points one by one without forgetting evidence or proof. Many people like works that have backup and of course they have to be realistic and non-exaggerated. All you are doing here is building the main body of your writing, so, make sure that everything you write flow smoothly and use connecting phrases between points and paragraphs.
  • Depending on how long your work is, make sure you avoid repetitions and any form of poor grammar. Now, say that you have finished writing out your big points and you are taking a short break, where do you go next? Since you wrote out your arguments before the break, you need to offer some viable solutions to the problems for instance caused by texting and driving. Obviously, not all types of writing have this sort of format. Regardless, remember to give proposals that are reasonable. Each problem will have one or more possible solutions in its own paragraph.
  • Almost done! You have written your arguments out, you have offered your thoughtful suggestions and now you are almost ready to close your document window. So what? Here is my take: according to my professor and as I have come to learn all these years, you need a conclusion. Make it simple and clear. Do not start writing the whole story all over again. Do not use the same words, just rephrase what your theses statement says – just remember to be clever enough not to look stupid. Ooops! You are done. Good job.

One good thing about using a template (software developers might agree with me here) is that regardless of the story you are working on, the structure will almost certainly remain the same. What you are doing is implementing it. Are you working on a book? Follow the same steps and of course add more great stuff. Are you working on column? What about a letter to your congressman or woman? All you are trying to do is to bring out the best, passing the correct information to whoever is reading your article and in the end, reducing the number of badly written stories out there. Simply, give substance to your work!

Finally, sometimes being too careful might hurt you. Often being careless will definitely hurt you. The best you can do is write an article people will thirst for more. How do you know if your work is the best? When someone reads the first chapter and they can’t wait to reach the second one and then the third one and till the end. That is enough for now. Hope you get something good from all these paragraphs I have written. If you have questions, let me know through the comments section or the contact page.

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The Final Giveaway Of My Book


Hi everyone! Last weekend, I had tremendous success on Amazon Kindle Store. Thousands of readers downloaded my books and that really made me see the rewards of hard work! So, thank you to those who downloaded it. If you did not get the chance to download it, do not worry because not all is over! I am giving away one of my books (pictured above) today for the last time before I extend my distribution to Google Play Store.

As I said last week, you do not need a Kindle tablet to read my book. Here is what you need to do if you do not have a Kindle: Locate My Life Sentences – A True Story on Amazon and using auto-detection, Amazon will suggest ways to you and you can then choose to download one of the many free apps onto your computer or smartphone. An example of such would be Amazon Cloud Reader app which will enable you to access your downloaded books from anywhere! Cool right?

If you have already downloaded my books, that is great! My request to you is to share this post or the link to my book with your friends online. That will go a mile more towards reaching more interested but disconnected readers around the world. They say word of mouth is powerful and I agree! If you like my books, please pass them on. Thank you for that in advance.

I wanted to make this post really simple and so I will shorten it! Be sure to return because I will be updating you with the outcome of the free book giveaway a day after it is over! Thanks again and hope you will enjoy reading my true story.

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Bring Your Dog To Work Day..


Today, after going out for a walk in a scorching sun, I just couldn’t think of anything cool to write about until late in the evening when I was researching ListProperty() data type storage in Google App Engine Datastore. I got distracted by something just as cool. As my title suggest, it has something to do with, well, dogs and jobs. Let us get to it!

While doing my searches on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video which led to another video and then a few more clicks down the road and I was digitally miles away from where I started. One video stood out: one that showed what working at Google is like! Is it cool? Heck yeah! Would I love to work there? Heck yeah I would! Am happy with what I have though!

You see, here is the thing; if you happen to love animals and your employer allows you to bring your tiny dog with you to work and provide you with a push scooter to move around the complex, I would suggest you just knock yourself out and live it up – for a good cause of course! Not many people get that more often. Anyway, am talking about dream jobs here. Some people have some and some take what they get!

A few months ago, a software company near my city posted a job opening in my local paper and among other things were a competitive pay, a relaxed environment where you could sit on a couch and write code, leave workplace at your own will (this comes with deadlines, if you can keep them, why should someone be on your back?), and then this last one was cool: you can choose to use stairs or an elevator while going from a higher floor to a lower one or if you like to have fun, they had a sliding tube! Holy cow, that was awesome! It was like going through a water tunnel at an amusement park! Give me that please, with fries! (jk)

So, as much as they say that only 2% of graduates actually use their degrees and the rest doing totally different things from what they went to school for, what is your dream job? Who is your dream employer? Do you think it is still possible to have dreams come true? Tell me through the comments because I would love to read them.

My final word is this: if you love what you do, keep doing it. If you however don’t feel good about what you do, keep working hard towards your goals in life. Dreams come true, and if you ask anyone out there, they will tell you the truth, even if they might have not succeeded themselves for some reasons. Never surrender to failure. Keep your head up. You can be what you want to be, just a little more effort will take you there! Good Luck!

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