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Hello! I apologize for taking a little too long to post something! I have been doing certain things (other side projects) and following the progress of my country’s election [Kenya]. I hope everything is going good for you.

Today(starting Wednesday 3/6/2013), I am going to give my book away for FREE on Amazon. I have been waiting for this for a while now and I figured I should do it now and then extend my reach to other platforms like smashwords and Barnes and Noble. So here is what I am going to do:

If you own a kindle tablet, an android tablet, a smart phone, or any other type of gadget that accepts applications, then you are all set. Oh, wait, I have to also mention the fact that you need an appetite for true stories (like the nearly 10,000 others who have read the book already). I normally tell people to read the reviews first: like these two I grabbed from Amazon:


You can also read more reviews by visiting my Amazon page before making your decision.

When you are done reading the reviews, you can grab your copy by downloading it to your device (including your computer if you don’t own the above mentioned tablets). Here is the snapshot of the book:


You can download the book by clicking on the above image or using this download link:

Download My Life Sentences – A True Story for Free Today

If you run into problems while trying to do this, please notify me and I will be more than happy to help you. If you would like to share a link on Facebook or any other social media that you use, please know that I will truly appreciate. That is all am going to say for today. I hope you find this book inspiring.

Thank you!

Quora – The partner that never disappoints!

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Quora and I dismissed him at first. I quickly looked at the sample content he shared with me and moved on to the next email I was supposed to read. It took me a while to realize that I had made a mistake.


Here is why I was missing out on some priceless information during the days that I was not using Quora: The real experience, the best answers you can get from real people, the idea that you can ask a question anonymously and get what you need, the fact that it is free for all and much more.

Assuming you have a really personal question that you cannot publicly ask someone (face to face), just hop on to Quora and within a few hours, you will receive answers. Think about anything, technology, business, life, politics among other subjects, you will not be disappointed! Instead of wasting time on  sites like Facebook or Twitter (oh no, I know you are not wasting time, sorry), Quora puts things to perspective.

There are certain questions that most humans ask themselves. Queries about life, what to do when your wife is spending two hours at the store while you are waiting in the car or what to do when you are 35 years old and feeling like crap. Most often, you will notice that by just noticing that you might have wasted so much time in your life, you have taken the first step towards self-awareness!

So, let me make this easier for everyone by shortening my post and giving you a minute to pay a visit to Quora .

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to Quora whatsoever. I am just a loyal user whose life has been changed by the great content generated by Quora. The fact is, having the right information is not enough. Taking action is what matters. Put the two together and you will never be the same again!

Thank you.

Wanna Write Like A Pro?



Hi! Today, I thought sharing a few tips on how to bring out the best in you as a writer might help. Last time I shared a few ideas on how to get more traffic and many people liked it. As an aspiring writer, I have come to realize that the question of writing what people want to read has always gone unanswered. Have you ever wished you wrote your articles, columns, books etc better? I know you have. Let us crack this shell. I will jump straight to the points.

  • After reading so many articles on news sites, I felt like around the corner somewhere, somebody had to say something about the shortcomings of the writers of the same. One thing you need to do before jumping onto your keyboard to write anything is your subject. Answering the ‘what am I going to write about?’ question will help you exhaust the depths of the topic. Make short notes, think through each key point and make sure that important arguments come first.
  • After mastering your concept, you are now ready to type something – but anyone can type right? The point is this: to avoid embarrassing yourself in the face of the world, plan out which paragraphs will come first. In high school, my English teacher told me that every story should have a beginning, a middle and an ending. So, what goes to the beginning of the story? Some people jump the rope quite often, spilling all the secrets in the first paragraph. That is not good.
  • In my English 102, my professor told me that I needed to introduce the readers into what is awaiting them. Doing so need care because the risk of breaking the rule is high. Using a theses statement helps to motivate the readers just enough by preparing their minds for more details later down the road. If you are writing about a recent rise in texting and driving related accidents in your local town, you don’t jump straight to last week’s incident(you might be tempted to do this thinking it will make readers hooked).
  • Assuming you have successfully hooked your readers with a great theses statement, to make it even more interesting, argue your points one by one without forgetting evidence or proof. Many people like works that have backup and of course they have to be realistic and non-exaggerated. All you are doing here is building the main body of your writing, so, make sure that everything you write flow smoothly and use connecting phrases between points and paragraphs.
  • Depending on how long your work is, make sure you avoid repetitions and any form of poor grammar. Now, say that you have finished writing out your big points and you are taking a short break, where do you go next? Since you wrote out your arguments before the break, you need to offer some viable solutions to the problems for instance caused by texting and driving. Obviously, not all types of writing have this sort of format. Regardless, remember to give proposals that are reasonable. Each problem will have one or more possible solutions in its own paragraph.
  • Almost done! You have written your arguments out, you have offered your thoughtful suggestions and now you are almost ready to close your document window. So what? Here is my take: according to my professor and as I have come to learn all these years, you need a conclusion. Make it simple and clear. Do not start writing the whole story all over again. Do not use the same words, just rephrase what your theses statement says – just remember to be clever enough not to look stupid. Ooops! You are done. Good job.

One good thing about using a template (software developers might agree with me here) is that regardless of the story you are working on, the structure will almost certainly remain the same. What you are doing is implementing it. Are you working on a book? Follow the same steps and of course add more great stuff. Are you working on column? What about a letter to your congressman or woman? All you are trying to do is to bring out the best, passing the correct information to whoever is reading your article and in the end, reducing the number of badly written stories out there. Simply, give substance to your work!

Finally, sometimes being too careful might hurt you. Often being careless will definitely hurt you. The best you can do is write an article people will thirst for more. How do you know if your work is the best? When someone reads the first chapter and they can’t wait to reach the second one and then the third one and till the end. That is enough for now. Hope you get something good from all these paragraphs I have written. If you have questions, let me know through the comments section or the contact page.

Thank you for reading. Please remember to subscribe through the home page of my blog. See you soon.

The Final Giveaway Of My Book


Hi everyone! Last weekend, I had tremendous success on Amazon Kindle Store. Thousands of readers downloaded my books and that really made me see the rewards of hard work! So, thank you to those who downloaded it. If you did not get the chance to download it, do not worry because not all is over! I am giving away one of my books (pictured above) today for the last time before I extend my distribution to Google Play Store.

As I said last week, you do not need a Kindle tablet to read my book. Here is what you need to do if you do not have a Kindle: Locate My Life Sentences – A True Story on Amazon and using auto-detection, Amazon will suggest ways to you and you can then choose to download one of the many free apps onto your computer or smartphone. An example of such would be Amazon Cloud Reader app which will enable you to access your downloaded books from anywhere! Cool right?

If you have already downloaded my books, that is great! My request to you is to share this post or the link to my book with your friends online. That will go a mile more towards reaching more interested but disconnected readers around the world. They say word of mouth is powerful and I agree! If you like my books, please pass them on. Thank you for that in advance.

I wanted to make this post really simple and so I will shorten it! Be sure to return because I will be updating you with the outcome of the free book giveaway a day after it is over! Thanks again and hope you will enjoy reading my true story.

NB: What inspires you? I am curious. To respond, please leave a comment below or use the contact page and I will promptly respond. Also if you like my blog, please subscribe to it on the right side of the page! See you soon and stay safe! Peace to the world!

Book Link: My Life Sentences – A True Story

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An Urgent But Ignored Problem!


One evening, I decided to walk around my neighborhood for some cardio. Since I live near a local high school, I thought why not just walk around their playground as I listen to the music in my mp3! What I learned that day opened my eyes wide and taught me so much I didn’t know! I thought writing about it might help me connect with others facing the same issues in their communities. Here is what happened.

Immediately after stepping into the playground that was beautifully covered with green grass, I saw two teenage boys (one looked 10 and the other 15). They both had skateboards and cans of soda. Without much ado, the older one approached me and asked me a question I never expected from him. I later came to realize that it was not a surprise to many but I was shocked! What did you just ask me young boy? Wait…

As I walked by them, the older boy walked towards me. I thought he was just being nice by not obeying the ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ rule but he had a different agenda! “Hey, do you have any cigarettes?”, He asked. Without even showing my surprise, I said NO. I told them that I didn’t smoke (because I didn’t smoke, and I still don’t)! What came to my mind a few seconds later was the question of why they smoked at that age. What went wrong? Who is responsible for that habit? I couldn’t get answers of course until later when I consulted with people who had been around longer than me.

There is one thing I think I understand and that is addiction. It is something that is hard to beat – be it from cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, other drugs and basically anything people overdo. People who do these things do not want to be judged and those who do not, might not fully understand how it feels to be in their shoes. The question is: where are we headed with teenagers smoking like chimneys and others drinking like fish? It is a sad reality that we must face as a community, a state, a nation, a continent and as a world!

Why is this a huge problem? It is an obvious health hazard and besides that, the list goes on and on. When I was told that some high schools have smoking designated areas here in the US, I was so surprised and yet I do not live under a rock. This is not an American problem, it is the whole world’s problem. We can either step in and try to reduce if not stop this habit or we will all lose! We can end this together. My advice to you is this: If you can do something in your community, do it and save the lives of your people. We do not have to wait for the federal government to help us. We are our own police.

I am going to stop here. See you next time and please, remember to subscribe to my blog if you like what you see. Also, leave comments, that is how I know what your thoughts are and it makes me feel inspired to do more! Thank You.

You can read my book My Life Sentences – A True Story for my views!

Thank You Readers! Thank You World!


I want to first say thank you to everyone who shared a link or tweeted my blog or re-blogged my post and most importantly, everyone who downloaded my books on Amazon! I cannot be thankful enough for that! This weekend has been the best for me since the time I published my books!

I had made a promise the first day of the giveaways to let you all know how everything transpired and now I wanna honor the same! Here is the breakdown: On the first day, hundreds and hundreds of readers downloaded my books. What surprised me was this observation: readers in the UK, Germany and Spain downloaded more copies of my second book [Across The River] than my first book [My Life Sentences – A True Story]. That was turned upside down on the last day!

In North America however, more and I mean more than a thousand readers downloaded my first book [My Life Sentences – A True Story] more than my second book [Across The River]. Personally, I have no conclusion as to why that happened but one thing is for sure; the outcome was epic!

Sometimes I look through pages of my books and cannot believe my eyes what I see! I normally ask myself, how on earth did I even write that? Of course the answer is, well, a smile and a feeling of happiness inside. The fact is this: those books would mean nothing without those who go to Amazon and download them and most importantly, read from chapter to chapter! Thank you so much!

Last but not least, I reached another milestone which might be tempting to ignore but equally important! The total visitors to my blog reached 4,000 and within two days, it is now over 5,000! That is humbling! Sometimes I run out of stuff to post but when I think about my eager readers, I just get off the couch and do something..right? That is the spirit! (I started this blog a little over two months ago).

Why did I choose to write books anyway? It all started when I was in high school……NO! I will not extend this longer than it is already, I care about your time! See you next time! Thank you and stay in the path of your dreams, so that when time comes, you will be ready to catch the vision!

Please remember to subscribe to my blog on the right of this page(Home)! If you have questions on writing and publishing books, don’t hesitate to ask me through the comments section. I will respond to them with your value in my mind! Adieus! Peace!!

You can still download my books My Life Sentences – A True Story and Across The River ! Cheers!

The Biggest Giveaway: Day 2


First, I want to say that I have been waiting for this day for quite some time now. Yes, today(Friday) is the second of my 3 Day book giveaway on Amazon Kindle Store (My Life Sentences – A True Story). It makes me feel so happy, let alone accomplished, to say that everyone who is interested in reading a true story can do just that for FREE.

I have had several instances where readers wish they had a way of reading my book if they do not own a Kindle. If you do not have a Kindle tablet or a Kindle app, you can definitely read my book without spending a dime on apps or tablets. Just do this: Go to Amazon Reading Apps  and download the free cloud reader app and after that, download my book and read it from there! That is all you need.Good luck!

I normally suggest to people to read reviews and the book description before downloading it and I think that makes it much easier for them as they make decisions as to whether they want it or not. This is a free world, isn’t it? (Freedom of choice). Disclaimer: Not all people have seen freedom yet

Now friends, let us join hands and look at my dream goal! The last time I gave away my book on Amazon, I had more than a thousand downloads by readers from all over the world in a single day. The reason I wrote my book was to inspire others, give people a different view on life and that was what I wanted. I honestly didn’t consider being number one anywhere, after all, how often does that happen? Hold on, nothing is impossible in this world. I want to achieve my dreams, not necessarily showing up on the NY Times Book List but on Amazon! We can all do this together!

Here is how: if you do not have a Kindle tablet or app, download it to your computer. Pass this link on, share with your friends through the social networks, it will mean the world to me, it will be everything I ever wanted. Help me reach that milestone and I will always be thankful! Why am I doing all these? Simple, nothing other than trying to inspire others and one way or another, make this world a better place!

I will be posting the total numbers on Sunday and I hope you will back to celebrate with me! I can’t wait.

Thank you and here is the link to my Amazon Page (NB: Books are free through Saturday)

MY LIFE SENTENCES – A TRUE STORY . You can also simply click the image above and you will be there in no time! See you soon and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Stay inspired, always!

Texting & Driving or A Suicide Mission?


First off, I want to believe that there are some things that we as humans can easily forget and then there are those that come back into view every time something happens. The last time two fire trucks and more than ten police vehicles were called for me was in late 2009 on highway 9 at around six in the evening! I remember it very vividly. Something really horrible had happened!

I had just left college that sunset and headed to work. Since that part of town had a small traffic load, the department of transportation decided to build a 2 – lane highway, each facing the opposite direction! Less than a mile on my gas paddle was a gas station to my left and some drivers made turns to refill their tanks. That is exactly what the third commuter ahead of me did and so he slowed all of us down.

What happened next was terrible. I hate remembering it sometimes. As we slowed down to wait for the opposing traffic to ease for that driver to make his left turn, one driver behind me didn’t slow down. Within a twinkle of an eye, I found myself facing almost the opposite of where I was headed. My car had been forced airborne by a hit from behind. I have to say I was fortunate enough not to hit any opposing traffic which would have caused a chain reaction. Well.

Where was the hitter? Good question. She was forced by the reaction to slide all the way southwards and towards the railway line. I didn’t even think of the possible outcome if a train was passing by. I was horrified. So, the guy right in front of me quickly pulled over and dialed 911 (the number you call when you have emergencies here in the US). After that, I stepped out of my seriously damaged car to go and check on the other driver who couldn’t talk or open her eyes. I was scared that she might have died or something. Luckily, she was not dead – after the paramedics performed CPR on her. (They didn’t raise her from the dead, don’t get me wrong here).

Why am I telling all these? Simple, before you plunge into someone’s rear, make sure you are not texting and driving. Let it be the breaks that malfunction or just something technical. We can solve this problem by starting with ourselves. The next time I saw that lady was in a traffic court. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her one simple question: “Did you know that you could have unintentionally killed me?” I feel like texting and driving is the most dangerous thing today but it can be stopped! Let us not let the government do it for us, let us be our own police! Let us be the change we wish to have!

Finally, thank you so much for reading my blog. Please remember to subscribe! Stay safe, whether you walk on the side of the road or you sit behind the wheel of a car or a bike. Just because you are a careful driver does not mean everyone else is. Life is too short to waste time regretting that one moment when you hit an innocent driver, killing all the passengers in the car or even killing yourself (in this case you won’t be there to attend your funeral).

NB: For my readers out there, here is something I do not want you to miss: On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I will be giving away MY LIFE SENTENCES – A TRUE STORY on amazon for FREE. Let us make this dream of being #1 on Amazon come true. Thank You So Much! Stay safe!

Friends Are Like Flowers, And You Are One


I wanted to just get some rest tonight especially since I was feeling a little exhausted. That meant skipping a post to my beloved blog. I thought about it and all over a sudden, an idea came to. So I ran through my photo gallery and found that pretty flower and decided to, you guessed it, use it! It is all about friendships.

Back when I was in high school, everything seemed normal and I never thought of a day when I would go years without seeing my classmates and friends. I never dreamed of it even a single night while asleep in the dormitories. We played volleyball, soccer and ate lunch and sometimes dinner together under a shade! At the end of it all, we parted ways and each one of us took their route to wherever life led us. Here I am today, thousands of miles away….

I am just wondering, what does it really take to make real, and I mean real friends? Sometimes I feel like there is only one thing: honesty. Even when things are looking up for you however, watch out for betrayers who prey on those who choose to give their all. How else would we learn anyway? Don’t be a victim.

The main reason why I feel like true friends are like flowers is this: they come in different colors, different types, and in different times. Sometimes they bloom and at times they wither during tough moments. Nevertheless, they are friends. As water is to flowers, so is communication to friends.

So, what is my message for you tonight pal, as much as solitude might make you feel like you are okay, don’t let it be your only choice in life. Shun it and see beyond the curtains, where friends give life a meaning. I have great friends but that is not the end. I want to be your friend too. That is the beauty of human existence. That is one of the many ways we can all make this world a better place!


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NB: Just a side note for Kindle Owners, this coming weekend, my book: MY LIFE SENTENCES  will be available for download on Amazon Kindle Store FREE of charge! It would be a terrible mistake not to tell you about it, after all, you are my friends and readers. I will be letting it fly for 2 -3 days non-stop! Am so excited and can’t wait! See you next time and let us go make some cool friends!

Why I Wrote And Published My Story


I have been thinking about creating this post for a while now and I just couldn’t postpone it anymore. I want to share a few things on how I wrote my first book and got published both in print and digital formats. At the end of this post, I will give away three[3] copies of my autobiography to those interested in reading My Life Sentences – A True Story. There are no secrets to this, or it might depend on how you view it. Let us get started.

First, decide what are you want to focus in. Is it fiction or non-fiction? As far as I have come to realize, writing non-fiction is not as complicated as writing fictional genres. If you choose to write non-fiction books, make sure that you know what you are dealing with, readers would rather do other things than waste time reading nonsense. If you instead choose fictional genre, make sure that you have the creativity it takes, the characters and everything that goes into writing a great book.

After deciding what area you want to focus in,research on it, read books under the same brackets/genres, study their structures and how characters are molded and exhaust the resources out there before you start writing your book. One author once said that if you want to write fictional books, read non-fictional books and vice versa. In short, do not limit yourself to one area, after all, most fictional stories are recreated from non-fictional ones. Be creative! NB: Do you think good readers are good writers? Think about it!

Now, let me tell you something about what it took to write My Life Sentences – A True Story; the good and the scary parts of it all. As I said earlier, writing a true story is not as complicated as a fictional one[this is totally an opinion from my experience]. How would you feel if you had a print copy of a book you wrote lying on your shelf? Oh, wait. How would it feel like to have thousands of people around the world reading your personal stories – and you do not know them? The idea that you have no clue who they are helps ease your fears and that is really good! Let us look at the scary page of the whole book!

There are several reasons readers might be irritated by a true story: one could be really poor grammar and flow of the story, two could be the price of the book and of course there are more. Work on those and don’t be a victim of the rage from the readers. The best thing to do is make sure that your story is worth reading, then work on it to the finest level before putting it out there for the whole world to see. This will not only give readers the value for their money and time but also earn you respect as an upcoming author.

It is true that different people do things differently. Some would rather keep their lives private while some [me included] don’t mind sharing their stories – of course the only reason for me is to inspire others [there are other unexpected outcomes like dealing with critics, and more]. I sometimes wonder what readers think about me after reading the last page of my book. Sometimes, such thoughts keep me up way past mid-night. Every time that happens however, I read the most inspiring and encouraging reviews some of them have left on Amazon and feel better again. Another reason to keep writing!

Would you like to have your own book in print and or in Kindle Store? Start working on it. Check out the YouTube video I created below. Please watch it and good luck with your book.

Honestly, writing a book is so rewarding. You enrich readers from all over the world, whether you know them or not. You get rewarded in different ways, some of which you might never know! If you have ideas or questions on writing books, please ask them through the comments option below or contact me directly through the contact page.

I want to give the first three [3] responders my autobiography published in the Kindle Store. All you have to do is send an email with the subject [FREE BOOK] to [] and I will email you a copy of my book. This is for Kindle Owners. If you do not receive a copy, remember that I will be doing this again soon. Just be on the look out!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it helped you jump start your writing and you are one step closer to being published! Good luck. Please subscribe to my blog!